Hartford Insurance Bad FaithThe Hartford Insurance company, a member of The Hartford Group, is notorious for its bad faith claims around the country. Virtually all of the Hartford subsidiaries have faced legal action in some form for bad faith practices against clients, ranging from denial of claims, refusal to honor policies, unlawfully raising policy premiums and a variety of bad faith practices. The Hartford Insurance company is routinely rated in the top three worse insurers in the country for bad faith claims, regularly hitting number one on the list. Have you been a victim of the Hartford Insurance bad faith?

Common Bad Faith Practices
– Delayed Payment
– Unreasonably Long Claims Process
– Stalling payment for legitimate claims
– “Lost” Claim Forms
– Retroactively changing policies
– Falsely claiming that the policyholder isn’t injured or disabled
– Underpayment of benefits
– Discontinuing payment of benefits unlawfully

Bad Faith Legal Action Against Hartford Insurance Around the Country
Bad faith legal actions have been pursued against Hartford Insurance around the country for unethical and illegal business practices against policy holders. Litigants around the country have won millions of dollars in court gases against the Hartford Insurance for everything from unlawfully controlling auto repairs to denying disability and personal injury claims. The Hartford Insurance group has lost multiple verdicts for violations in life insurance, property insurance and personal injury insurance.

Consumer Advocacy Groups Advise Against Hartford Insurance
As a result of the numerous violations against its clients, the Hartford Insurance regularly tops the list of bad faith insurers published by consumer advocacy groups. The Hartford Group and its subsidiaries routinely place first, second or third in the nation’s worse insurance companies as a result of its bad faith practices. The FBIC has advised consumers against purchasing a policy through any Hartford Insurance subsidiary, and the AARP has become involved in some litigation as a result of its role in recommending the Hartford Insurance.

If your insurance claim has been denied or unreasonably delayed, or The Hartford has retroactively cancelled your insurance after you have filed a claim, contact a skilled insurance bad faith attorney to defend you. An attorney can negotiate with The Hartford to help resolved your problem. Don’t become another victim of The Hartford Insurance bad faith practices. Consider changing your policy if you’re currently insured through the Hartford Insurance. If you’ve had a claim denied or slow-paid by the Hartford Group, retain legal counsel to pursue your case; don’t walk away and let this notorious insurer win. Policyholders have the right to prompt payment of benefits outlined in their insurance policy.