Arizonians are mourning the loss of one of their finest- Sherrif Larry Dever passed away in a single vehicle car accident on Tuesday evening. The crash occurred sometime in the evening near the White Horse Lake area near Williams in Coconino County, about 3.5 hours North of Phoenix, AZ. Dever was in the area for a hunting trip  with his sons and was on the road because he wanted to check up on the boys who had gone elk hunting. His state appointed Chevy pickup truck rolled over on a remote road and came to rest on its wheels. Those who knew him remembered him as, “a true leader among lawmen — committed to the law, his community, and his state” and a, ” man of integrity who always wanted to do the right thing”.

Larry became well known around his community for the cowboy boots and hats that became his trademarks, but he was also remembered for his authenticity, sincerity and devotion to his work and unwavering values. He was a border sheriff for the state of Arizona, but was viewed as a national leader in bringing to light border security issues. He had worked with Senator John McCain on a 10 point border security plan to improve the border’s safety and campaigned on Capital Hill and various news networks to push for stronger border checkpoints and control.

It is not known at this time what caused Dever to lose control of his truck. Dever is survived by his wife Nancy and six sons.

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