It was nearly two years ago when 18 year-old Joey Romero was walking home from work and run over by a car that had jumped the curb. Instead of stopping and assisting, the heavily medicated young woman driving the vehicle fled the scene leaving the injured teenager to fend for himself.

Days later the Centennial High School student was pronounced dead.

Joey’s death was naturally very tough on his father Jesse Romero especially after learning the driver who killed his youngest son was looking at only a one to two year prison sentence.

That is when Jesse decided to do something about it and Joey’s Law was born.

Earlier this year, SB 1163 “Joey’s Law” was signed and enacted into state law by Arizona legislatures. The new law creates tougher punishments for drivers who commit hit-and-runs.

Before if a driver was convicted of a hit-and-run, they faced a possible 3 year suspension of their license if someone was seriously injured in the incident and a 5 year suspension if someone was killed. Not to mention the period of suspension could begin during time served in prison.

With Joey’s Law, convicted drivers now face an automatic 5 year suspension of their license if someone is seriously injured and 10 years if someone is killed. Furthermore the periods of suspension only begin after the driver serves their prison term.

While nothing can ever bring back the memory of a loved one, Jesse Romero’s hard work and effort is a great example of channeling sorrow into a positive venture that could help others not have to endure the same pain and loss he suffered.

If you or someone you know is injured in a hit-and-run or any type of accident contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.